Sinead O’Connor hit big with her soulful rendition of Nothing Compares 2 U in 1990. Originally written by Prince in 1985 for the album The Family, the song really didn’t become popular until O’Connor did it.

But for all the soul and emotion she put into the song, perhaps it is Gollum, and only Gollum, who has a chance at topping the performance.

The video was made using Deepfake, the technology that remaps people’s faces with other faces. In this case, the incredible voice artist Ian James Walters recreates Sinead O’Connor’s up close and personal singing performance, but with a masterful impression of Smeagol’s voice. The facial expressions are those of Sinead O’Connor, and her own facial expressions are used to drive the facial expressions, but the finished Gollum face itself is entirely digital.

Nothing says like this remarkable performance, bonded with with a remarkable use of the Deepfake technology.