Krypton Radio - it's Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi!Krypton Radio is the world’s leading sci-fi, geek culture radio station (yes, there are one or two others; no, none of them has the reach or community standing we do).

We play an eclectic mix of music from the entire spectrum of nerd culture, and we even have geek DJ’s. We also play scintillating talk shows, and radio serials old and new. It’s all family safe, too, so the whole family can enjoy listening.

The station was created by Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox who, in 2009, wanted a geek radio station to listen to while gaming in the popular online MMO, Second Life. Then through today, Krypton Radio has been the best loved (and sometimes only) geek culture radio station on the entire planet.

Producing for Krypton Radio

Krypton Radio is always looking for new additions to our on-air family of productions.  You must be prepared to do your own production, and shows must be submitted as finished MP3 format files.  Program lengths as short as three minutes will be considered, and weekly shows are preferred to single, one-off productions unless the show is a substantial work.   Producers must agree to allow Krypton Radio to use their shows in accompaniment with on-air advertising.  Shows must mention the fact that they are appearing on Krypton Radio within the first minute of the show’s audio track, and again during the end credits.

Submit your ideas and production proposals to thepitch (at)

Krypton Radio Editorial Policy

Submitted articles must be either factual in nature or clearly marked  as editorials. Comments on articles must be on topic and not abusive, trolling, inciteful of flame wars, racist, or profane. We reserve the right to reject any comment for any reason we see fit, or no reason at all.

On occasion we may amend or alter previous articles. We have that right, and do so because we feel it is more organized than a patchwork of  “update” articles all over the place.

Krypton Radio Privacy Policy

Krypton Radio values and protects your privacy. Your email address will never be resold or shared with third parties.

The Krypton Radio Staff

Station ManagementSusan L. Fox, Executive Producer
Gene Turnbow, CEO, Creative Director and Station Manager
Cat Carter, Production Manager & Guest Scheduling
EditorsGene Turnbow
Daniel Vanderwood
Staff WritersSusan L. Fox
Gene Turnbow
Myk Price
Elizabeth Carlie
Lisa M.A. Winters
Samantha Lowell
Vagabond Carter
Shawn "Obi-Shawn" Crosby
Jeff "Soho" Donoho
James G. Kennedy ("DJ Chaotix")
Nick Corbin
Karina "Cinerina" Montgomery-Walsh
Jackie Zwirn
Thaddeus Howze ("The Answer Man")
On-Air Dan Vanderwood
Susan Fox
Gene Turnbow
Steve "Mr. Vestek" Kay
Willow Leafstorm
Gary DaBaum
Gabriel Gentile
Lara Beilby
Shawn "Obi-Shawn" Crosby
Jeff "Solo" Donoho
Colleen "Kaylee" Crosby
James G. "Chaotix" Kenney
Shane Stacks
Charles Raven

Contact Us

Krypton Radio broadcasts from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but has a United States business office in Los Angeles, California.  No, we don’t have a brick and mortar location you can visit, but you can reach us via one of the following email addresses:

What You NeedHow to Reach Us
General Station
Guest Scheduling / Production
Editor's Desk
Story Submissions
Advertising Desk
Pitch a Show!
DJ Gary DaBaum
DJ Mr. Vestek
DJ Obi-Shawn
DJ Willow Leafstorm

Krypton Radio is fully licensed and pays all broadcast royalties.

As you’ve probably heard, it’s illegal to operate an internet radio station without being licensed.

We honor the rights of musicians and their publishers to be paid for performances of their music and are fully licensed to stream music around the clock and around the planet, and have been licensed for internet broadcast since our debut in April 2009.


Krypton Radio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Krypton Media Group, Inc., and has no other business with affiliations D.C. Comics, SyFy Channel, or any other companies. We have been using the Krypton Radio name in trade since 2009. Our servers and licensing are maintained under contract to Krypton Media Partners of Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

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