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DC Nation Powers Up At WonderCon 2012

The world has changed, and geeks rule it. Proof of that is the new DC Nation lineup on Cartoon Network. Okay, maybe a little overstated. But last Saturday at WonderCon 2012 we got to sit in at a video presentation and panel by the DC Nation people themselves, and we got a sneak peak at what they’re dishing up starting pretty much now.

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U.S. ISPs Will Start Monitoring Individual Customers for Copyright Violations in July

Undeterred by the failure of SOPA and PIPA, media giants have forged an agreement with major U.S. ISPs, Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and other Internet service providers (ISPs) to police their own networks in an effort to catch digital pirates and stop illegal file-sharing.

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