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Westercon 64 Announces Special Events

This Fourth of July weekend sees Westercon 64, the 2011 West Coast Science Fantasy Conference, coming to downtown San Jose. Among the special events planned is a performance of a radio-style play written by artist guests of honor Phil and Kaja Foglio, a themed Saturday afternoon tea with writer guest of honor Patricia McKillip, a focus event on the guests moderated by Terry Bisson from the SF in SF reading series, and an SF/F-themed game show.

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Captain America: The First Movie Poster

Comic book artist Paolo Rivera created this amazing retro movie poster on spec, hoping that Marvel would use it as an official poster for the Captain America movie that’s coming out in slightly over four weeks. They didn’t go for it – these things are usually contracted out months in advance – but they did use the artwork for the cover of a comic book/movie tie-in. The posters were also commissioned as a give-away for the cast and crew.

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W-Hat Leader Banned From Second Life

Known within the virtual world of Second Life as Masakazu Kojima (Masa), leader of the controversial and at times infamous W-Hat group, has announced via the W-Hat website that her account had been permanently banned from the SL service by Linden Lab. The online service cites “severe or repeated violations of the Terms of Service” but in their email to Masakazu did not detail what those violations were.

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