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The DJ Spellbinder Show is a series of curated musical tours of various aspects of the MMORPG Champions Online. It is the brainchild of Eben Brooks, filk musician and avid gamer, who plays the sorcerer Spellbinder in the game.

Originally conceived as a project for his fellow gamers in the supergroup Paragon Dawn, it has become a much bigger phenomenon than Mr Brooks ever thought possible. Now he brings the DJ Spellbinder Show to Krypton Radio to share his love for the game, for the music that inspires him, and for the in-game community of players with the rest of the world.

If you play or have played Champions Online, you’ll find a lot in the DJ Spellbinder Show that you will find familiar. If you have never played Champions Online, however, you’ll still find a lot to love about the show – because whether DJ Spellbinder (aka Eben Brooks) is talking about a zone in the game, a group of NPCs, a series of missions, or even just a game mechanic—the show is always, first and foremost, about the music.

And if the show makes you interested in playing, you can do so for free by going to and downloading the client. When you log in, send a message to @Spellbinder, Mr Brooks’ in-game global handle, and say hi. Eben Brooks is a filk musician based in San Diego, CA, and is the person responsible for “Hey There Cthulhu”, “I Am Groot”, and “It’s the End of the ‘Verse As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)”. You can listen to and purchase his music at

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