Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Lawrence M. Schoen

‘There’s no shortage of competition when it comes to content, which is why the real factor in a great listening experience comes down to curation. Krypton Radio consistently delivers top notch speakers with compelling voices and original insights in the many worlds of science fiction. Fresh, intriguing, and always entertaining. ‘

— Lawrence M. Schoen holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, been nominated for the Campbell, Hugo, and Nebula, awards, won the Cóyotl award for best novel of 2015, is a world authority on the Klingon language, operates the small press Paper Golem, is a hypnotherapist specializing in authors’ issues, and writes science fiction and fantasy about life, death, and the continua between the two.

Commander Bob
Victor Sierra

‘Krypton Radio from over the pond… Try to imagine this: We, Victor Sierra, a steampunk band from Paris whose songs are played on a radio from the mythical City of Angels!It was a dream come true when we heard from those fantastic people for the first time.And we did an interview as well… Man this was something quite big for us. A nice relationship was built then –  and believe me – is still stronger than ever.

Thanks guys.’

— Commander Bob, front man for the French steampunk band Victor Sierra

Karen McCarthy, Producer / Director
Love in the Age of Steam 

Karen McCarthy, Writer / Producer / Director of Love in the Age of Steam , and Voice Actor

‘Science Fiction and Fantasy creators and enthusiasts are this interesting tightly woven tapestry of people filled with passion and dedication to these unique genres that verges on the fanatical. There is a kind of camaraderie and excitement that you don’t see anywhere else, but you can see it at San Diego Comic Con, where I’m invited as a Professional Guest every year, and you’ll hear it on Krypton Radio. As an industry professional I enjoy listening to Krypton Radio as do many of my colleagues and our fans.

Krypton Radio has captured the voice of those of us who proudly wear the mantle of nerd and geek, and love all things Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Members of Krypton Radio had supported my production of “Love in the Age of Steam,” a short Steampunk movie from early on, and as soon as we were finished producing it, fans of the genre were contacting me and inviting us to show at a number of SteamFests and even to submit to film festivals as far away as Germany.

It was a huge honor to be a guest on Krypton Radio’s Flagship talk show, “The Event Horizon,” and talk about our project. It was shortly after that when an online grass roots campaign garnered us the largest number of votes in the Underground Cinema Awards and qualified us as a Finalist in their shorts competition. Coincidence? Maybe.

But there’s no denying that Krypton Radio has the ear of many fans and the number just keeps growing. ‘

— Karen McCarthy, Writer / Producer / Director of Love in the Age of Steam

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